Welcome to Greenburn

We are a family enterprise based in Norfolk and Wiltshire specialising in the production of pure and natural candles for the more earth conscious and discerning candle lover.

Our products contain only natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible and we strive to work harmoniously with nature throughout all our processes.

The Ingredients.

All Greenburn candles are made with 100% rapeseed wax and pure essential oils. Sourced in the UK, rapeseed is one of the most environmentally friendly waxes available today, possessing superior green credentials, resulting in peace of mind for producers and consumers alike:





Low carbon footprint


Clean burning

Our candles do not contain paraffin, soy, palm, coconut, castor or beeswax.

Pure essential oils scent our candles – we do not use any synthetic fragrances or scent enhancers.  

Greenburn essential oil recipes are unique – each candle is aromatized with three oil combinations to support and enhance activities and states.

Our wicks are cotton and contain no lead or metals.

Trade enquiries welcome.  Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets available upon request.

Thank you for visiting,

Kathy Floyd & Liz King